I Love Birmingham in the Springtime! [By: Madz]

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Birmingham is bustling.

With spring having sprung over the course of the past couple months, the city’s energy levels simultaneously seem to have picked up—there is a certain buzz in the air as possibilities of being outside and enjoying the longer sunlit hours increase. Each day, new flowers bloom as buildings grow higher faster. Migrating birds fly about singing as people scurry through the streets chatting with one another. In all of this, there is an observable, interdependent relationship between people and place, living creatures and their natural as well as built environments.

Locally, it has been a joy to watch and participate in the unfolding of this interrelationship in Summerfield/Winson Green. Here are just a few things that I (as well as other members of Companions along the way!) have been able to be a part of recently!


Summerfield Sessions

Summerfield Sessions, David Blower's Picture.jpg

A community music night that Companions for Hope organised in conjunction with Christ Church Summerfield! Fairy lights and hoards of Real Junk Food decked the church hall as around 60 people gathered to appreciate and celebrate the musical and story-telling talents of locals during the first "session." The second (hopefully of many) of these events is happening this weekend. . . .


Interactive Map of Street Living/Homelessness Resources

Map in Progress.png

Currently, I’m attempting to compile a list of all organisations and groups working on some issue related to street living/homelessness in Birmingham. Hopefully, the project will result not only in a comprehensive database, but will also produce an interactive map (draft pictured above!) and relevant, accessible info cards for both those people who are living on the streets as well as those who would like to learn more about/help combat issues of homelessness in our city.


Permaculture Design Course

Permaculture 2.jpg
Permaculture 1.jpg

As of January, Sam & I have been attending a permaculture design certificate course at Applewood Permaculture Centres/Waterloo Farm in Herefordshire. One weekend every month, our group meets to learn and apply permaculture principles regarding earth care, people care, and fair share. These weekends not only provide opportunities for fostering education and friendships, but also offer regular times and spaces to retreat to a beautifully quiet and lush part of the country. What a gift!


The Real Junk Food Project

Real Junk Food 1.JPG
Real Junk Food 2.JPG

We at The Real Junk Food Project Brum are soldiering on in the face of astounding numbers of Freegan Boxes (getting close to 300 a week at their peak!). But the number of boxes is not the only number that is increasing—we’ve had a whole host of new people coming to the cafes and volunteering with the project, which has been fantastic! It’s been an absolute pleasure to meet and connect with new and old friends around food whilst joining together to challenge patterns of waste in our culture.


Litter Picking with Winson Greeners

Litter 1.JPG

At the initiative of a lovely neighbour and friend, Meike, along with the help of another friend, Alicia, and her team Litter Watch, as well as some Council affiliates, we’ve begun a once-monthly litter picking group in the Winson Green area (affectionately dubbed “Winson Greeners”)! We've had two outings thus far and have received much positive feedback from people passing by on the streets—hopefully a sign that more and more people will join us in the future!


Companions Team

Our Companions Team continues to meet once a week for Communion, reflection, and sharing. We are looking forward to community meal tomorrow evening as well as more outdoor events in the near future as the summer weather approaches!


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